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These are the tools that will help us build better products and services, more successful organizations and relationships,  more satisfying experiences of all kinds, and a better world, overall. Some are entirely new, others are evolutions of existing ones. All point the way to a more successful future.…………………………………………………………………..

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Business Today Needs Deanna Troi

When Paramount debuted Star Trek: The Next Generation in 1987, it included not only new characters but new roles for those who commanded Starfleet ships. Among the most original was the character of Deanna Troi, ship’s “counselor.” Many, including the writers for the...

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Aspen Design Conference 1981

I just found this poster online and it reminded me that my design journey really started at this conference in the Colorado Rookies in 1981. I hadn't heard of the conference but I went on the recommendation of our family friend, Karen Laubhan (who had attended a few...

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Teaching Sustainability

Last week, I participated in a webcast for Sustainable Minds on using their tool for teaching and, non general, how we teach sustainability to our students. Creating Knowledge Workers for the Greener Product Marketplace, Part 12: Creative innovation educators...

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IKEA Instructions Proposal

Way back in 1998, I and a three others at TheUnderstandingBuinsess worked on a quick proposal to IKEA to redesign their assembly instructions (just imagine if they had taken us up on the idea!). To send it to the corporate office in Sweden we designed the entire...

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