LASER Manual

While its true that nearly anyone can be a designer, if they adopt the tools, process, and outlook, not every tool is made for a designer, in the classic sense. Systemic challenges need systemic tools, including the organizational, political, and governance issues that abound.

The LASER manual comes from the Natural Capitalism Institute and is meant for communities to use to redesign their governments and other local institutions. The “Local Action for Sustainable Economic Renewal” manual helps all kinds of citizens, agencies, and leaders engage their neighbors and representatives in sustainable economic development. Along with the dude, itself, Natural Capitalism Solutions, the organization that spearheaded it’s development has lots of related resources to download that bring more detail and case studies to the LASER manual.

Of course, as with most of these tools, this is just a beginning. All of these tools need to be evolved and enhanced and turned-into even better resources for people to create change.

Download the Tool:
LASER Manual at Natural Capitalism Solutions.

Related Book:
A Finer Future, by Hunter Lovins, Stewart Wallis, Anders Wijkman, and John Fullerton

This tool is in need of further development: a perfect candidate for designers to get involved.