Design will help save the world.
I believe that the world can be
You probably believe that, too.
We need to use create better

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These are the tools that will help us build better products and services, more successful organizations and relationships,  more satisfying experiences of all kinds, and a better world, overall. Some are entirely new, others are evolutions of existing ones. All point the way to a more successful future.…………………………………………………………………..

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Recent Articles…

Math is a Virus (Quantified Intro)

This is a series of posts from a book I’m in the process of writing. I’ll be posting more as various chapters are developing, not in any particular order. Please. Let me be clear right from the start. I don’t dislike or distrust numbers. I find them elegant and useful...

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A New Nutrition Facts Label

During much of 2017, I worked with Treasure8 in San Francisco on a new kind of Nutrition Facts label that would be easier to read for both people and machines. The purpose was to present clearer hierarchies of information, in context, and make it easier for people to...

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IcellatorX Interface

This was my first medical device and it's a fascinating piece of machinery. The IcellatorX is a next-generation device that works with adipose fat to isolate stem cells for medical use. These devices are mostly self-running once set-up so they need to be easily...

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Design is the Solution

Design is the Solution (2019) By Nathan Shedroff 6″x9″ 304 pages, 4-color Design is the Solution is the update to my 2009 book on sustainable design, Design is the Problem, published by Rosenfeld Media. This update incorporates some new examples and several new...

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