Ecological Benefits Framework

There have been many frameworks developed over the decades to describe ecological and social issues and impacts. I outline many of the best ones in my book, Design is the Solution (now in its 2nd Edition). One of the latest, however, seems to be one of the most complete because it breaks-out specific categories that are often ignored.

For the last two decades and more, climate activists have focused on carbon dioxide (CO2), which is an important indicator of and contributor to climate change. However, there are other issues equally important to the future of our world and they include attention to Soil, Biodiversity, Water, other aspects of Air quality, etc.

The Ecological Benefits Framework is a 6-category framework of ecological and social impacts. Admittedly, a LOT falls under the Equity category (essentially, ALL of the social issues).Nonetheless, it’s the first to call-out Soil and Biodiversity, now finally getting the attention these need to have.

Some investment groups have already adopted the framework as a way of both assessing qualities projects as well as their progress. The framework still lacks needed depth of metrics in many categories, though it was developed with detail in mind and based on prototypes in Bio Char, Seaweed, and other Carbon Sequestration techniques.

This may become the preferred framework to describe ecological and social benefits and impacts in the future.

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