Sometimes, the most powerful thing you can access is a new perspective…



Depending on an organization’s or individual’s needs, Nathan can engage any of the topics below in a variety of ways:

  • Spot reviews (materials, plans, and forecasts) by the hour
  • Development (longer-term participation in creating corp and product strategy) by project and on weekly or monthly retainer
  • Coaching (ongoing, realtime review and recommendations in role dynamics) by project and on weekly or monthly retainer
  • Workshops (one-off, custom, and repeated) by workshop

In addition, Nathan has a variety of experienced, trusted colleagues to recommend and engage for these and other business and innovation needs.


Nothing is more valuable than a clear understanding of an industry, market, or competition, with the right context and perspective. In my opinion, most strategy is deficient and missing a qualitative understanding of customers and other stakeholders. Without this, product/services and operational plans are doomed to be ineffective. I can help identify and validate opportunities and strategic plans from a variety of lenses:

  • Business Strategy (Customer & Stakeholder Engagement, Operational Readiness, Process, Methods, etc.)
  • Investment Due Diligence (Design & Culture Assessment)
  • Startup Strategy Review (Customer Engagement, Operations Readiness, Funding Readiness, etc.)
  • Brand Strategy (Assessment, Process, and Formulation)
  • Sustainability Review and Strategy (Formulation)
  • Foresight Workshops

Select Clients:

  • News Limited, Australia
  • Blurb
  • Azure Nutriceuticals
  • Webby Awards
  • Nike
  • Swissbank

Innovation &
Team Culture

Too often, innovation efforts are set-up for failure within organizations. Innovation is never easy and there are plenty of things that can derail the best intentions. Sometimes, an outside eye (and ear) can identify bad directions and implementations faster than anyone on the inside. I can add insight with:

  • Skills, Methods, and Culture Readiness (Review & Recommendations)
  • Research Review & Recommendations (Customer, Market, and Methods)
  • Concept Development (Review & Recommendations)
  • Product and Service Development Prototype and Production
  • Customer Experience Audit & Strategy Development
  • Proofs of Concept 
  • SciFi Workshops

Select Clients:

  • Tissue Genesis
  • Okyanos Global Health
  • Treasure8
  • Eco Factor
  • Blurb
  • Herman Miller
  • Kellogg’s
  • Microsoft
  • Intel
  • Swissbank
  • Nike
  • Kodak

Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability concerns aren’t optional any longer. From competition for and increased cost of resources to customer-driven concerns about social and environmental values, all organizations need to, at least, have some kind of approach to ecological, economic, social, and cultural issues. Nathan is a leader in sustainability strategy and can perform several levels of evaluation and development:

  • Corporate Sustainability Strategy Review, Recommendations, and Development
  • Product/Service Sustainability Review & Recommendations
  • Team Sustainability Training & Workshops
  • Sustainability Labeling Systems & Type 1 and 3 Label Design

Select Projets:

  • Reveal
  • Drive Neutral & Fly Neutral


My experience in innovating within higher education programs and reviewing several others, gives me a unique perspective and experience that can help other educational institutions evolve and revolutionize their offerings. From learning outcomes to assignments and evaluation, education requirements are rapidly changing from both the learner and institution’s needs. I’ve developed my own tools and techniques in these areas as well as know the latest, state-of-the-art in their domains. I can help an institution evolve in the following areas:

  • 21st Century Business Curricula Review & Development
  • Design Craft & Design Thinking Curricula Review & Development
  • Sustainability Curricula Review & Development

Select Clients:

  • California College of the Arts
  • Parsons: There New School
  • Ontario College of Art
  • KaosPilot


I am an unparalleled thought leader in the areas of business, innovation, design, and sustainability. In addition, I am a serial entrepreneur with 25 years of experience creating new companies in addition to innovative new products and services. My focus is on customer-focused innovation that builds deep relationships and increases value for company and customers alike. I use design-based techniques in both product and service development as well as in enhanced business and market strategy.

Some of these techniques were developed and proven as the founder and chair of the ground-breaking Design MBA programs at California College of the Arts (CCA) in San Francisco, CA. My approach reimagines that a successful business is in the 21st Century is not only profitable, but also sustainable, ethical, and truly meaningful. In this model, value is bidirectionally derived from deep relationships between an organization and the customers and other stakeholders it serves.

I can help you better articulate strategy, understand your customers, discover more valuable opportunities, and check your progress on specific products and services. I can coach you or your team on new techniques and articulating your value to investors, employers, managers, or peers.


Nathan earned an MBA in Sustainable Management from Presidio Graduate School in 2006 and a BS in Transportation Design from Art Center College of Design in 1989.

Professional Highlights

He worked with Richard Saul Wurman at TheUnderstandingBusiness and co-founded vivid studios, a decade-old pioneering company in interactive media and one of the first Web services firms on the planet. vivid’s hallmark was helping to establish and validate the field of information architecture, by training an entire generation of designers in the newly emerging Web industry.

He’s helped many startups launch their products, seek funding, and hone their customer experiences. His latest company, Tomorrow Worlds, is focused on reinventing fan experiences for owners of media properties.

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“Nathan is a simply amazing product designer. He is magic”
Reid Hoffman, Entrepreneur. Product Strategist. Investor, co-founder, LinkedIn

“Nathan was, is and will always be a superstar. It was a pleasure working with Nathan – and (of course) collaborating with him. Our speaking engagements remain some of my fondest memories.”
Chris Tacy, Strategic Services @ Mozilla


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