Design is the Solution, Second Edition (2023)
By Nathan Shedroff

6″x9″ 304 pages, 4-color

This is an updated edition to my book Design is the Solution, in turn, an update to my 2009 book on sustainable design, Design is the Problem, published by Rosenfeld Media. This update incorporates some new examples and several new tools. Read about Design is the Problem…

New material includes:

• Framework: The Living Principles
• Framework: The Circular Economy
• Framework: Ecological Benefits Framework (EBF)
• Tool: Social Impact Assessment
• Tool: Living Principles ActionKit
• Tool: Sustainability Scorecard
• Tool: Stakeholder Analysis
• Tool: Theory of Change
• Design for Use: Interaction Design and the Digital Realm
• Substitution: Energy Substitution
• Process: Managing Change

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