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Consumerism is a Fail

The image quality on this is terrible because it’s so dark but this was a talk I gave at SCAD in Savannah at their fantastic Design Ethos conference in 2012. The topic was about how Consumerism has been a fail for the US economy and both designers’ culpability in this as well as a call-to-arms for designers to step in to help make the... read more

CISCO Interviews

These are two of the micro-interviews I did with CISCO back in 2011. They were beautifully-produced and there was a lot more material than they eventually released. These two are on the need for 6 Billion problem solvers and the challenge of leading a sustainable life. I’ve uploaded the third (and my favorite) to Vimeo. It’s... read more

Autodesk Cage Match at TED

This was the second cage match hosted by Autodesk, this time at the TED conference in 2012. This time, I debated Mark Foster Gage. This is just some slight highlights, not the full match. The topic was “Evolution vs. Interference, basically whether Evolution was relevant anymore and, if not, what was. I barely one this round, making me two for two but it would be my... read more

Autodesk Cage Match

This was the first Cage Match Autodesk hosted (in Las Vegas at their annual conference) in 2011. It was an evolution for the “Design Fight Club” bouts they hosted at their IDEAS Summits. It was a hoot. I squared-off against Adam Richardson, debating whether incremental or radical innovation was... read more

eShop Tower Records online store

Another now failed and abandoned online platform, eShop was a separate online service that was to feature many traditional retailers. This screen was the very start of the Tower Records online store, facing a virtual mall, we were developing before the project was cancelled in... read more

FOX Video online service

As part of our engagement with FOX Online and Delphi Internet Services (which was renamed Real Internet shortly after), w developed this store interface for FOX Video to sell videotapes and merchandise and be a hub for news and events regarding FOX film properties. The interface was developed to perform under low bandwidth conditions and within a restrained color palette (normal at the time). 1994 Participants: Nathan Shedroff: Information, Interaction, and Visual Design, Production Sam McMillan: Project Management... read more

Encyclopedia Brittanica website

In 1997, Encyclopedia Brittanica hired vivid to investigate how their powerful assets could be leveraged into a Web property. I worked with a small team at vivid, as well as a few EB employees, to develop a flexible Web interface that enabled searching and browsing in complex ways. These comps are from one of the prototypes we developed.    ... read more

AIGA Revival: Annual Conference

I’m really excited to get back to New Orleans, finally (after almost 13 years!) and the AIGA annual conference is as good a reason as ever. This year, I’ve been fortunate enough to program and moderate the GAIN track at the conference on business issues. I get to reprise a couple of the themes from last October’s GAIN conference in New York and include at least one speaker who couldn’t make it. In addition, we’re exploring some new themes that relate to the redesign of business and how designers can play a more strategic and active role in business. At the very least, it will be an opportunity to catch-up with smart, fun people, eat some great food, and be outside, at night, when it’s warm! Come join... read more

Entering the 21st Century

After nearly a year of redesigning my website (and 15 with the last flat HTML design), the redesign launches today. I know, it’s pretty standard WP fare but I had a LOT of content to move over and, with over 30 year of projects (25 professional), I still have a bunch of interlinking and categorizing to do. So, my apologies if you find some something not quite... read more

Interactive Conversation presentation

This was a self-running interactive conversation about Interaction and Interface Design. It was given at the Intermedia conversation in 1995 as an interactive experience for the audience. It was self-running with a human attendant so that audience members could yell out their choices at any time to change the conversation or topic track. No instructions were given to the audience to test their reaction and initiative, but they were quick to figure out their options and the interface to the presentation and “drove” the experience as they would if they were using the product alone. The authors were present under the screen playing cards and drinking beer to represent how detached developers were once their interactive products were in the hands of audience members (consumers). They had no contact with the audience until the question and answer period after the presentation. The presentation is now distributed in its self-running form and still performs its purpose outside the large audience presentation context. It is meant to be a thought-provoking exploration of many issues regarding interactivity. 1995 Peter Spreenberg (IDEO) and Nathan Shedroff   In place of a transcript, this is the conversation, via email, that started it all: This is so eerie. I have been kindof sick since Monday and I couldn’t sleep well Monday evening and all night I keep dreaming of this great presentation you and I gave at Intermedia where our whole talked was combined into a non-linear discussion. You and I picked up on each other’s “hot words” and continued on in this seemless, but slightly non-sequitor, discussion of navigation issues and organizing info. That is... read more

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