Sexual Pleasures is a series of four CD-ROMs designed to present the subject of sex and sexuality in a clear, healthy, contemporary, and beautiful experience. Readers can explore issues, record their thoughts in a diary, and reflect on their feelings. The material is presented in a positive light without being explicit. The first disc, entitled Explorations, presents issues of experience, feelings, and relationships that challenge readers to think about their feelings and reactions to these concepts. The second disc, The Body, presents information about the workings of the body, fertitlity, and erogenous stimulation. The third disc, Techniques, is an encyclopedia of the spectrum of sexual experiences with directions, concerns, and descriptions. The fourth disc, Advanced Techniques, introduces and discusses more advanced forms of sexual pleasures.



Nathan Shedroff: Information, Interaction, and Visual Design, Video Production
Drue Miller: Writing, Editing
Lisa Stage: Writing

The main text is prominently placed under a topic headline and posits questions to the reader at the end of the description.

Each screen has either a gender switch or a sexuality switch (depending on the topic) that allows readers to explore their curiosities or tailor the content to the experiences they with which are more comfortable.

The imagery has been purposely affected with a watercolor or brush effect. This removes a level of detail while preserving the overall image and helps make the images feel less explicit. This effect is consistent in the video as well as the illustrations and photographs.

The text in the production version will be anti-aliased for better legibility and graphic finish. The highlights are slight glows over all chosen options and serve as navigational indicators. This reduction of the elements in the interface helps create a rich design and focus the reader on the topics and not the product itself.