Once vivid became NIKE’s “web architect of record,” we created a series of special sites for them. The first site we helped produce was a quick documentary for the 1997 Baseball Spring Training in Tampa, FL. was an authentic site about the excitement and joy of baseball as seen through the real fans and their personal experiences. NIKE sponsored a lot of activities with kids and we wanted to help make that special as well. It was never meant to promote products. Instead, it emphasized the fans, players, and coaches as opposed to the scores. The last panel represents the many “playing cards” developed for the kids who participated in the training clinics.




Nathan Shedroff: Creative Direction and Production
Doris Mitch: Creative Direction and Visual Design
Clancy Nolan: Site Architecture and HTML templates
Nat Johnson: Production, Engineering, and Buildmaster
Rich: HTML and Quality Assurance
Mountain Zone: Photography, Video, and Sound recording and production
Katie Kaiser: Producer, NIKE