The second site we produced was a live event for the 1997 College Basketball Final Four championships in Indianapoils and Cincinnati. There were two teams, one in each city, who took photos, wrote text and prodcued the materials for their events. These materials were passed-off to CKS team in San Francisco which processed the images and sounds, preped them, and passed them off to vivid to build the pages, test, and post to the site. This happened over a period of five days.

It is meant to be an authentic site about the excitement and joy of baseball as seen through the real fans and their personal experiences. Also, NIKE sponsored a lot of activities with kids and we wanted to help make that special as well. It was never meant to be a big site with the goal of being ubiquitous or promoting product. That would have beento easy and obvious. NIKE understands that this medium is about people and not technology nor shoes.

The site was only up for a week or so while Final Four was happening and is no longer available on the Web. It was replaced by other NIKE events.



Nathan Shedroff: Creative Direction, Production, and Quality Assurance
Doris Mitch: Creative Direction and Visual Design
Clancy Nolan: Site Architecture, Visual Design, and HTML templates
Mark Brotherton: Production, Engineering, Quality Assurance, and Buildmaster
Victor Barclay: Production, Engineering, Quality Assurance, and Buildmaster
Betsy Harkavy: Quality Assurance Assistance
CKS: Photography, Sound Recording, and processing
Katie Kaiser: Co-producer and coordinator
Emily Brew: Writer and Editorial Director
Janis Nakano: Co-producer and coordinator