These are some of my school projects, both at UC Berkeley and Art Center College of Design.

Trojan Horse (1982)


trojanhorse2 trojanhorse1

Aftermath Dishes (1983)


Aluminum woven light (1984)



BioAlarm (1985)

The challenge of this school project was to design a new way to wake people up. I chose to use the transdermal technology developed by Alza Corp. to create a natural, chemical timer that releases dopamine into the system of the wearer in order to wake people up reliably and naturally. The timer sits on the skin of the neck and twists to set the time.

bio2 bio3 bioalarm1 bioalarm2 bioalarm3

Nikon Underwater Camera (1985)

This was a project I had to design in an afternoon for a model making class. We were supposed to use the product we deisgned in the first half of our product design class but, mine was pretty (the BioAlarm above). This was a video camera for underwater use. The waterproof stereo microphones were designed to extend forward and stay out of the lens’ field of view.

nikon1 nikon2 nikon3 nikon5nikon7 nikon4

Omnivox (1984)

This was one of my projects at ArtCenter. Omnivox is a hand-held device dedicated to translating spoken language (not perfectly, but adequately for traveling). The design is based on two hands shaking and has an LCD display that shows both realtime translation and transliteration based on the speech recognition of rules of two inserted language modules. There are earphones for speech-synthesized translations as well.

ov2 ov3
ov4 ov1 omnivox1