1990 Corvette

This was my first transportation project at school in 1984.

corvette  modelside modelside2


1997 Mustang

This was my second transportation project at school. I no longer have photos of the clay model, only xerox copies. I did this project in 1985.

mustang1 mustang2 mustang3 mustang4 mustangmodel1 mustangmodel2 mustangmodel3 mustangmodel4 mustangsketch1 mustangsketch3 mustangsketch2   mustangsketch5 mustangsketch4


I think this was the third transportation project I did at school. I was tired of designing the same kind of cars and I wanted a different kind of challenge so I chose an ambulance. It really turned into more of a product design than transportation design. It would have been 1985 as well.

ambulance5 ambulance4 ambulance6 ambulance3 ambulance1  ambulance2

Motorcycle (1984)

This motorcycle was a project in my computer graphics class and was designed on an Asthedes computer.

motorcycle1 motorcycle2 motorcycle3

Most of the rest of these cars were done while I was in high school (I started early). You can tell I had an architectural background. Some were done for specific friends.

Duesenberg Silhouette (1983)


Epicurean limosine (1983)


GTX Racer (based on the Golf GTI of the time) (1983)

gtx gtx2

Neutron (1984)





Solstice (1984)


Talisman (1984)


Multi-car Platform (1984)


system2 system3 system4 system5 system6