This wasn’t one of my projects at ArtCenter but I wanted to enter the UNISYS Design Competition (I won Honorable Mention that year, and the only person to ever win from Art Center, I believe). So, I did it as an independent study project. It’s obviously inspired by Bang & Olufsen. The Media Center is a high-end audio and video system designed to be a piece of sculpture (either on the wall or on a pedestal). It has a modular design that allows more components to be added (up to 6) and added circuitry and capabilities via plug-in modules. The speakers are actually designed to develop tremendous bass through the length of the hollow tubes. There are a series of three remote controls (added with different modules), headphones, and a series of different-sized flat-panel displays.



Nathan Shedroff: Design and Production

This was the original sketch:




I built the models while interning at Interform in Menlo Park, CA.

u3 u5 u2 u6 u7 u4 u8 u9 u11 u13 Mediacenter9000