This is a labeling system for consumer products that identifies which of the five major genetic origin types most appropriate for a particular product. In the future, it is likely that products will be tailored for people by their genetic type and they will need to be labeled appropriately. These types have been found to differ in key ways in five groups, corresponding around their geographic origins. The labeling system uses these origins, mapped to the Earth, to display each of the five in relation, including markers to indicate sequence and direction. Overlayed on a map, it is clear where these locations are.

With the map deleted, the basic structure of the map still exists but is abstracted. The change in scale and the use of fish-eye perspective allows all of the markings to be present while the desired genetic type is clearly highlighted and unconfusable. The remaining type information keeps a remnant of these relationships, as well as a suggestion of the world map. Lastly, the use of circles in these configurations suggest an organic origin and appear visually distinct from other manufacturing labelling systems.