Peachpit/New Riders gave me an awesome opportunity in 2000 to write and design the first book to discuss experience design. In became a manifesto of sorts…

Experience Design (2001)
By Nathan Shedroff (writing, design, and production)

ISBN: 9780735710788

10″x8″ 308 pages, 4-color

Experience Design 1 is a book about today’s intersection of disciplines, such as: interaction design, information design, visual design, and more related methodologies are just parts of the whole.

Practiced by many people around the world, experience design is as much an approach and ethic, as it is a field of work. Experience Design is not only a way of designing online experience (such as websites), as but more importantly, it is a way of approaching all design, including products, services, environments, and events.

Read cover to cover, Experience Design 1 is a kind of text book containing theory as well as examples. Opened to a page at random, it’s a source of inspiration that can be used to challenge your thinking when working on a creative project.

The latest version of this book is Experience Design 1.1 and is now in print, available for purchase as either a PDF or printed book.

Sample Pages…

Praise for the book:

An insightful road guide to the “Experience Economy.” Nathan connects the dots and helps us understand the importance of “experience design”. An invaluable resource and a must to experience.

Clement Mok, Chief Creative Officer, Sapient.

Only in recent years has ‘experience design’ emerged as a community of practice driven by digital and related design professionals who believe that deeply understanding people is the key to great design in any medium. Appropriately, as the first book dedicated to this subject, Nathan takes us on a lush and holistic journey through experiences of every nature insightfully describing why each one is compelling. Large or small, digital, physical or natural, Nathan reminds us that experience is the personal connection with the moment and to realize that every aspect of living is an experience, whether we are the creators or simply chance participants.

Terry Swack, Experience Design Strategist

Once communication design encompassed form and content. And now communication occurs when form and content are engaged in a context that carries a message over time. What does this mean? Nathan Shedroff defines experience design with a keen observational sensitivity that reveals the nature of this emerging discipline through everyday and unexpected examples. This book, for many, will offer the Aha! in their understanding of experience design in all its dimensions and will continue to be part of that most important of experiences for the reader, the memory of discovery.

Richard Grefé, executive director, AIGA

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The original book is no longer in print but you can sometimes find copies in English on Amazon and Ebay.

Korean (you might find a used copy if you’re there)

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Table of Contents:

Topic Offline Examples Online Examples
Experience Design
Experiences Institut du Monde Arabe The Dialectizer
Experience Taxonomy Amusement Parks
Product Taxonomy ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) Black Berry
100 Years birth and death
Takeaways Fireflies Collapse
Information Design
Data Stock Ticker J-Track
Information Traffic Signs Babelfish
Knowledge Cooking Class Miraku
Wisdom Burmese Tea Party Moments
Cognitive Models Powers of Ten (video)
Powers of Ten (book)
Powers of Ten
Powers of Ten
Presentation Periodic Tables: 1 2 3 4 5 Atlases of Cyberspace (site)
Atlases of Cyberspace (book)
Multiplicity Vietnam Veterens Memorial Herman Miller Red
Subjectivity Colors Magazine Salon
Navigation Le Louvre Move Deign
Visualization NASDAQ MarketSite Smart Money’s Map of the Market
Consistency Webby Awards Virgin Atlantic Airlines
Metaphors Apple Macintosh Desktop MagicCap
Interface Design
Usability a match The Hunger Site
User Behavior Emeril’s Delmonico Osmose
Meaning Concorde
Awareness Bang & Olufsen Amazon
Interaction Design
Technology “O”
Interactivity Barney Actimates Earthcam
Participants Museum of Me MUDs
Feedback Wooden Mirror Eliza
Control The Bush Soul #3 The Messenger
Creativity Terra Mia
Productivity 1040EZ Music Buddah
Communications Conversations Blogger
Adaptivity Arun’s My Yahoo
Community Meet-up Purple Moon
Identity Nokia 3210 Monsterskate
Participation Burning Man Yahoo Clubs
Storytelling Digital Story Bee The Fray
Narrative Structure Holocaust Museum Comic Chat
Non-linear Navigation Space Carnival akakurdistan
Improvisation Bay Area Theatersports
Improv Resources
Point of View Griffen & Sabine BeNowHere
Narrative Extension Star Trek Experience Slash and Fan Fiction, more fan fiction
The Senses
Smell Odor-rama Digiscents
Taste IDEO Chocolates Zagat
Touch IDEO Kiss Touchsense
Sound Audium Fundacao Lamara
Sight SONY NightShot Earthbrowser
Sensorial Design
Visual Design Mystere Volume One
Immersion Holodeck Japonais Placeholder
Time and Motion De la Guarda Ego Media
Symbolism The Lion King