vivid developed the system interface for this in-car CD-ROM-based navigation product. ETAK contracted vivid to design and document the interface standards to SONY’s latest after-market navigator with Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) sensor and color active-matrix screen. The device is installed in the dashboard near the driver and allows both drivers and passengers to view maps and related travel information from regional CD-ROMs.

The interface encompasses color photographs and information on sights, restaurants, hotels, and historical information from Fodor’s travel guides and Trailer Life RV Guides. The system allows users to filter the information and see related photos. Map portions of the system constantly track the driver’s car with relation to internal map databases and GPS.

Currently, CD-ROMs are shipping for California and Florida with many more in the series in production. The system is sold in the United States by SONY of America, Inc. and the production of the CD-ROMs takes place at ETAK. You can find information about the products on the ETAK site here.



Nathan Shedroff: Information and Visual Design