ISBN 1-56276-311-3

vivid wrote, designed, and produced this book for ZD Press. It is the result of many years of our experience in the multimedia industries. This book covered everything readers need to know in order to find work (or find employees). It discusses the various roles involved with multimedia projects (and there are a lot of them), describing each in details such as: experience needed, how to find work, how to find people to do the work, where to network, what resources to use, how to interview, and what skills are involved in each one.

In other sections, the book describes the various platforms and prototypical projects, the infrastructures that support these industries (and how these relate to work), and the various hotspots of activity around the world (yes, that means international information). Typical compensation figures are included for the various roles as well.



Ken Fromm: Editor
Nathan Shedroff: Information Design and Creative Direction
Drue Miller: Information Design, Visual Design, and Editing
Candice Kollar: Production
Nigel French: Production
Steve de Brun: Production
Kathleen Egge: Production
Maurice Tani: Production
Bondy Bondurant: Proofing
David Wasserman: Photography
Misty West: Writing