This book has been five years in the making, rewritten (from scratch) four times, and has finally shipped! My co-authors, Steve Diller and Sean Sauber, have worked tirelessly on it with me and it’s time to share it with the world. Douglas Rushkoff was kind enough to write a fantastic foreword to it, too! The description tells part of the story but, really, this book is about a new way of doing business—starting with valuing relationships in a new way. After all, that’s all you can really count on in business (if you’re building for anything but the extremely short term). No relationships, no value to derive, exchange, or “monetize.” We’ve even put the illustrations online at Flickr for use in your own presentations.

There’s more information at the book site but here’s the Table of Contents to peruse:

Foreword by Douglas Rushkoff
Chapter 1. A World of Hidden Value
Chapter 2. Defining a Business Relationship
Chapter 3. Visualizing Relationships
Chapter 4. Finding Opportunities in Relationships
Chapter 5. Becoming by Doing
Chapter 6. Distancing and Team Structure
Chapter 7. Discovering
Chapter 8. Deciding
Chapter 9. Declaring
Chapter 10. Designing
Chapter 11. Delivering
Chapter 12. A World of Premium Value