Everything You Need to Think and Act More Strategically by Nathan Shedroff

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A Whole New Strategy

Traditional business strategy is in crisis, rife with mistakes, misunderstand- ings, and poor assumptions. It mixes market and operational concerns in ways that confuses priorities, ignores customer insights, and hides opportunities. The two most popular strategy tools, the SWOT and Positioning Statement are so poorly used as to make them ineffective at best and dangerous at worst.

This book clarifies the different aspects of strategy, offering a process that highlights better opportunities and ties togerther the various components in a new, integrated, and holistic approach to strategy. It integrates systems thinking, stakeholder engagement, trends analysis, and impact

so that information, insights, and conclusions are unified across the various contexts of business. This allows leaders to follow the state-of-the- art approaches and tools consistently across teams, perspectives, and initiatives.

The poor quality of past tools has lead to mediocre (and worse) corporate strategy. These same tools and processes cannot yield better strategy. What we need are new processes and tools that work together in ways not available in the past and this book, A Whole New Strategy, describes just such a way to improve the assumptions and outcomes for more successful strategy.



Foreword: A More Evolved Strategy
Introduction: Strategy is in Crisis

Your Market
1. Your Customers
2. Your Competitors
3. Your Position & Value
4. Your Opportunities & Offerings

Your Operations
5. Your Capabilities & Priorities
6. Your Partners & Resources
7. Your Finances
8. Your Team & Culture
9. Your Messaging

The World Around You
10. Trends & Stakeholders

Your Organization
11. Your Mission & Goals
12. Your Organization’s Organization
13. Your Plan & Business Model
14. Your Impact

Your Future
15. Your Vision

Conclusion: Your Professional Strategy
Tools & Resources

Introduction: Strategy is in Crisis


Carl Bass
Retired CEO, Autodesk
While at Autodesk (the second time), he grew revenue from $1B to $4B and market cap from $2B to $25B.

Jon H. Pittman
Retired Vice President of Corporate Strategy, Autodesk.
Formerly led the strategic foresight team at Autodesk, the company that helps people imagine, design, and create a better world. I defined and led the Corporate Strategy process at Autodesk and taught strategic thinking in both internal executive education programs and at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.

Steve Diller
Founding Partner at Scansion.
20+ years collaborating with business leaders to design meaningful experiences for their customers. Specialties in innovation, branding, marketing strategy, and execution. Taught for 15 years in the DMBA program at California College of the Arts

Christopher Ireland
Retired CEO, Cheskin. Adjunct faculty, Stanford Continuing Education.
She has found a magical combination in teaching new generations of designers and developers at Stanford—initially on campus, now online. Each quarter she is challenged to use new technology, address emerging complexities, and mentor a highly diverse student mix. It’s never boring

Brenda Laurel
Design researcher, writer, and interaction designer.
Developed courses at UCSC to boost creative and values-based game design and theatre. Led the design and development of graduate trans-media design programs at California College of the Arts and Art Center.

Jeanne Liedtka
Professor of Business Administration, UVA Darden School of Business
Involved in corporate strategy for over 30 years. Teaches both MBAs and executives at the Darden Graduate School of Business. Consults on innovation, organic growth, and design thinking. Began her career as a strategy consultant for the Boston Consulting Group and was Chief Learning Officer at United Technologies.

Spectra Adaora Ijeoma Asala

Purpose-driven business leader, venture builder & impact investor
Fractional CPO & COO, coach for mission-driven business leaders, startups, and impact organizations, and active angel investor and advisor to pre-seed and seed stage tech startups & social enterprises.

Josh Levine
Writer, educator, and podcaster with a passion for company culture
Author, consultant, and educator on a mission to help organizations design a culture advantage. His book, Great Mondays, was listed as one of BookAuthority’s best culture books of all time.

Jake Dunagan
Director, Governance Futures Lab at Institute for the Future
Experiential futurist, governance designer, and teacher. He is focused on social inven- tion that help individuals, organizations, and governing institutions re-imagine and re-invent their futures.

Sara Beckman
Earl F. Cheit Faculty Fellow, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley
Directs the Product Management Program and teaches graduate and executive courses at University of California, Berkeley.

Minnie Bredouw
Founder & Executive Director, Purpose Project, Creative Director, Pinterist
Minnie’s career focus is design for social impact. She has spent most of her career designing programs focused on youth, equity, and education reform.

Ephi Banaynal dela Cruz
Co-founder & CEO Context Nature Public Benefit Corp
Developed and implemented global standards, programs, and technologies in executive global leadership roles for corporate sustainability and human rights, product design, en- vironment, safety, engineering, and responsible supply chain at Fortune 500 companies.

Radha Mistry
Associate Principal, Americas Foresight Leader Arup
Previously, foresight leader at Autodesk. Focused on collaboratively building more equi- table and inclusive futures, and to make space for communities who might not yet see themselves in future visions.

Dave Roselle
Design Strategist, Futurist, Innovation Manager
He leads high uncertainty, cross functional innovation projects to successful outcomes, manages innovation processes for senior leadership and infuses futures thinking into ideation and strategy workshops. Currently, the Director of Product Innovation at ServiceChannel. Previously, was a Senior Strategic Designer at BCG Digital Ventures

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