The Sustainability Scorecard

This Sustainability Scorecard is intended to help critically evaluate proposed project solutions across multiple concerns of sustainability and value-creation. It helps assess impact of products, services, and other solutions in social, cultural, economic, and natural categories of impact. Scoring is, admittedly, subjective but affords the opportunities to consider these kinds of impacts, at least. It is certainly better than never considering them before.

The scorecard has short descriptions for beginners but is best as an addendum or refresher for people who already have experience or an introduction into these impact areas. Ideally, this should be used in conjunction with an LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) and an SIA (Social Impact Analysis). The scores in the left column come directly from the Sustainability Helix

The Scorecard is based on the AIGA Living Principles (thanks to Phil Hamlett and Gaby Brink), Phil developed an earlier version of this scorecard and uses it in his courses at the Academy of Art University.

Download the Tool:
Sustainability Scorecard