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Protostar manufactures the most precise nano reactors in the world. Our incomparable reactors create more consistent, finer nano metallic particles than traditional processes, leading to more reliable and economic operations.

In space, elemental materials float in a gaseous state until gravity condenses them into planets and stars. Protostar recreates these primordial conditions for gas phase condensation in our gas phase reactor systems to produce the most advanced nano metal particles available.

Our process begins in a space-like vacuum and ends with nano particles collected and packaged in inert gas. There is little to no chance for contamination or reactivity (oxidation, wetting etc.), preserving ultra-high purity and pristine particle surfaces until use.

The Protostar advantage is plain to see with a scanning microscope:

Protostar reactors have produced scores of advanced nano materials (coated, hybridized etc.) from the 42 elements highlighted in blue.


Only the gas phase condensation method can produce impurity free, uniform particles at such small size, for advanced applications. Only Protostar has developed a fully automated system with proprietary process control formulas for targeted sizing, ultra narrow size distribution, particle morphology, coatings, passivation, and hybridization.


Protostar offers innovators the opportunity to produce these advanced materials in-house with our scalable reactor systems and unique production support program, which affords unprecedented materials customization capabilities.


Protostar’s reactors are fully automated, ensuring efficient, consistent production and quality with minimum overhead. Our systems offer an ideal solution for companies with established requirements who need secure pricing, volumes and quality.


Our scalable systems are as suited for industrial-scale production as for product developers, materials science researchers, and those in search of new metal alloys and phase diagrams. Protostar has the experience and technology to satisfy the needs of the most demanding nanotechnology applications.


Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the best equipment and support to ensure that you can produce high-quality nano materials efficiently and cost-effectively. We also offer training and maintenance/, and technical support to ensure that you can operate our equipment to its full potential.

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